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Yan.B (Nicole)

Now I'm a junior student in University, I have already obtained my highschool diploma. My source of artistic talent comes from the relationship of human, identity and the world. Or you can call the psychology side of art. I often like to study and observe people's behavior which makes me aware and be sensitive to many occasions. After that, I became interested in art and realized that it was the subject I would be most motivated to put in the effort. I was always the "idea monster" and the "multiple perspectives species". I like to view things in multiple ways from different people's eyes which supports my works. This is not a skill I developed, it has always been a part of me, my environment made me learn to be sensitive and cautious. It is very energy consuming. Thats why I usually enjoy observing people on a public event then speaking up myself. The way different people act and think has become a very big interest for me to study on. Despite that, I had to admit I'm sometimes very self centered. I think about my relationship, my body, my soul, more than anyone else first. I guess I'm still in the process of studying myself. I call it self love as well. I think that is a lot from me, thank you for reading this! And I will continue work hard as a artist and a designer.


Thank you. 

P.s. Following is my CV, if you want to know more about me, feel free to view!



​Fudan International School


Outstanding Volunteer Award 2023

  • Given by- Cao Peng Foundation 


Innovative Charity Team 2023

  • For designing cartoons relating to autism 


Outstanding Charity Team Award 2023

  • Participated offline and online events - Help autism 


​Honor Roll Semester 2, 2022-2023

  • Achieved GPA of 4.0 for Quarter 3 and 4. 


Brown University Summer Camp 2022

  • Drawing Intensive - taught by Ms. Elizabeth Donsky

  • One of the most ACTIVE STUDENT 

  • Online pre-college programe due to COVID-19


Persistent Effort in the Study of Art, 2020

  • Made full participation grades in Visual Arts

  • Got all assignments A and above

  • Focused on elements of art and elements of design

Art Club Starter, Leader& Founder                

  • Teaching art and design to younger students (G6-10)

  • Winning awards of students in the art club, from the Yang Pu educational bureau

  • Observing great improvements in the usage of basic learned skills in art

Global MUN Debate Awards

  • “Active MUN Member Award” Nov.2019

  • “Delegation of SKOSMUN 2019 Award”

  • “FMUN Debate & Speech Award 2020 Award”


East Shanghai Foreign Language School

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